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Accelerate your therapeutic research

Over 10000 products, More than 5500 clients, 20 years of expertise

Upon the growing demands on biopharmaceuticals, ProteoGenix supports you as a customer to continue to push further in developing innovative biologics. With nearly 20 years of experience, join the experience with your leader in protein and antibody production.
Join our community and discover a wide range of products that meet your needs and expectations. Altogether, more than 10000 products for both bio-industrial and life science research use.

An Antibody for every application:
Count on our highly specific and sensitive antibodies to accelerate your research and drug development.

  • Anti-Viral Proteins: Achieve successful virus neutralizing assays with our selection of antibodies to validate your candidates blocking virus infection.
  • Biosimilars: Test the efficacy of your new drug candidate by benefiting from our largest biosimilar library on the market.
  • Anti-Immune Checkpoint Proteins: Unravel the mysteries of cell signaling pathways using specific antibodies targeting molecules involved in these pathways.
  • Anti-Biomarker Proteins: Try out our custom-built antibodies specially designed to detect and measure the effect of your candidates upon exposure to a medical condition.
  • Tag and control Antibodies: Carry out an optimum purification of your fusion protein with our selection of the most popular affinity tags.
  • Secondary Antibodies: To cover all your needs in cellular imaging and protein detection applications, discover a wide range of secondary antibodies targeting diverse species.

An extensive selection of Proteins:
Native or recombinant proteins, ProteoGenix is your trusted partner. Opt for a stable, reliable and pure product to support your research.

  • Virology: Contribute to the development of vaccines and therapeutics by studying the interaction antibody-antigen for infectious studies in Monkeypox and Sars-Cov-2.
  • Oncology: Select the suitable protein from our large catalogue of cell signaling proteins for your in vitro cancer studies.
  • Flow cytometry: Try out our CD proteins designed for your flow cytometric assays.
  • Immuno-Assays: A selection of proteins ideal to get a reliable quantification with your new potential drug.

ProteoGenix guarantees the best experience for her clients; from purchasing the product to attaining successful results.

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