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  • CEO and Cofounder
  • Scientific Director and Cofounder
  • Polyclonal antibodies account manager
  • Protein production account manager
  • Gene synthesis account manager
  • Peptide Synthesis account manager
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  • Business developper
  • HR department and financial accounting manager
  • Monoclonal antibody production account manager
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  • Sales manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Products and webmarketing manager
  • Business Developer Spain Portugal
CEO and Cofounder
CEO and Cofounder

Philippe Funfrock

CEO and co-founder

In its present frame, ProteoGenix is the brainchild of Philippe Funfrock. Its success and international recognition directly result from his optimistic vision, determination and taste for new challenges. Philippe Funfrock is an eternal enthusiast, highly motivated by the wish to contribute to concrete improvements of the quality of human life. His credo: to develop win-win relationships with his partners and fellows, always considering clear and strict ethical, human and environmental values. As a conscientious manager, he gives much importance to generating a positive working atmosphere within and outside the company, ensuring each collaborator a healthy dose of autonomy and responsibilities.


Scientific Director and Cofounder
Scientific Director and Cofounder

Raphaël Hopfner, PhD

Scientific Director and co-founder

When he co-discovered the human protein UHRF1 (Hopfner et al., Cancer Res. 2000), the idea emerged in Raphaël Hopfner and co-worker’s mind to develop a cancer diagnosis marker screening platform based on the one-Hybrid system. His encounter with Philippe Funfrock was the turning point which resulted in the foundation of ProteoGenix. This highly experimented PhD scientist heads our Research and Development Laboratory and has been involved in the production of more than a thousand of proteins since ProteoGenix’s creation. His impressive mastery of proteomics, antibody and protein development, purification and immunology techniques makes him our main scientific and technical advisor. Raphaël Hopfner’s insatiable appetite for understanding how things work easily explains his life science’s career choice, but also on a more personal level his passion for new technologies.


Polyclonal antibodies account manager

Emilie Blelly-Harnisch

Account manager – Polyclonal antibody services

Emilie will be pleased to accompany you through your polyclonal antibodies service requests. After 10 years spent at ProteoGenix holding various positions, she has a very complete knowledge of the company and our services. You can therefore trust her to help you find the best solution according to your needs. Emilie attaches much importance to constantly improve our processes. This explains why she is also in charge of the QMS. At work and at home, she has a very responsible attitude and tries to achieve a “zero waste” objective!


Protein production account manager

Alexandre Pourchaille

Account manager – Protein services

Alexandre is your privileged representative for all your questions and services requests related to recombinant proteins and antibodies. His dual expertise in both biotechnology and project management makes him particularly comfortable and efficient to help you find the best solutions according to your needs. You will appreciate his willingness, enthusiasm and team spirit, also developed by the practice of rugby for more than 10 years!


Gene synthesis account manager

Sandra Meyer-Jeannard, PhD

Account manager – Gene services

Sandra is our gene specialist. Her whole career has been driven by her curiosity and her wish to understand our complex biological mechanisms, to find applications improving human health. Sandra always stays aware of the latest updates in her field, to make you benefit from the most innovative solutions for your projects. Cooking is one of her other favorite activities. As a true scientist, she even sees it as an experimental process including bibliography, planning, implementation, optimization and replication. All the team can testify that the results are worth it!


Peptide Synthesis account manager

Cyril Lantz

Account manager – Peptide services

Cyril will be pleased to guide you through your peptide synthesis requirements. With a previous successful experience of 5+ years as an account manager in a laboratory, he has developed a great responsiveness and easily adapts to each project and customer. He enjoys teamwork, and conceives his relationships with his clients the same way. You will appreciate Cyril’s high conscientiousness and devotion at work, some of the qualities that he also maintains as a judo trainer and competitor!


Account manager antibodies and phage display

Ahmed Ghannam, PhD

Account manager – monoclonal antibody services

Ahmed has worked for 10 years on single-domain antibodies with pioneering scientists of nanobody (Camelid VHH) and phage display technologies. This opportunity has ignited in Ahmed a true passion for this domain, that he widely shares and develops. This experienced scientist has many tricks up his sleeve; he has worked in both academic and private sectors and in several scientific fields, such as like human health, the environment, and agriculture. Throughout your exchanges with him, you will certainly feel his strong knowledge and enthusiasm for all your projects related to antibodies and phage display.


Thomas Meyer, PhD

Webmarketing operator

Thomas brings very valuable and complementary skills to the webmarketing service. His dual competency in science and marketing (he holds both a physical chemistry PhD and a Master degree in business engineering) allows him to provide really high-quality contents for the website. Thomas particularly enjoys the possibility of extending his scientific knowledge offered by his functions. His adaptation and interpersonal skills facilitate his contacts with various interlocutors. Thomas is very appreciated by the team for his communicative cheerfulness.


Business developper

Clara Chicois, PhD

Business Developer

Clara’s PhD in molecular biology provides her a great understanding of our services and technologies. She particularly enjoys discovering your projects and contributing to the design of the most appropriate strategy, according to your needs. You will surely appreciate her receptiveness, her patience and her skills when guiding you through the choice that will bring you to complete satisfaction. Clara highly contributes to the dynamic and friendly atmosphere within the team!


HR department and financial accounting manager

Aurore Fontanelle

HR department and financial accounting operator

Thanks to her great organizational and relational skills, Aurore is in charge at the same time of financial accounting and human resources within the company. She also operates various administrative tasks. As a result of her previous experiences in cultural mediation and in a research lab, she brings fresh air and complementary skills to the team. At work and at home, she really enjoys discovering new profiles and trying to understand one’s motivations and personality.


Monoclonal antibody production account manager

Mathieu Schaff, PhD

Account manager – Monoclonal antibody services

You can trust Mathieu to guide you very efficiently through all your custom monoclonal antibody projects, even the most challenging ones. His strong scientific skills (he holds a PhD in cardiovascular sciences) added to a Master Degree in innovation management, make him very qualified to help you develop the best tools to speed up your projects and way to the market. He enjoys working in the highly innovative biotech field and interacting with customers from all over the world. You will appreciate Mathieu for his patience, his strong problem-solving skills and his commitment to helping you get what you need. If you are visiting France, you can also ask Mathieu to share a bike tour and make you discover the beautiful Alsace’s countryside!


Account manager protein services

Laura Radu, PhD

Account manager – protein services

Laura has developed her knowledge of proteins through a PhD in molecular biophysics. From Romania, to England, to France, she adapts and integrates easily wherever she goes. This explains why this passionate scientist particularly appreciates the social and cultural aspects of her profession. As a former researcher of the Cambridge university (UK) and the IGBMC (France), there is no doubt that she will leverage her strong problem-solving and scientific skills to the service of your project.


Sales manager

Vanessa Steiner

Sales operator

Vanessa is in charge of sales administration at ProteoGenix, at a key interface between all our different services. Thanks to her organizational skills and her adaptability, she is offering to each collaborator the best conditions to achieve their tasks. Vanessa has experienced other positions at ProteoGenix, such as logistics, accounting, and administrative tasks. This provides her with a good overall picture of our company. At work and at home, she is very conscientious and devoted to the others.


Logistics manager

Elodie Patchane-Lacane

Logistics operator

Elodie is managing all the logistic aspects in ProteoGenix, from orders to deliveries. This position requires her great organizational and stress management skills. She easily adapts to every situation and to everyone. Elodie always makes herself available to help her colleagues when needed. Her deep sense of rigor is highly appreciated by her colleagues and all our clients. She also demonstrates her great teamwork skills on a personal level, as a volleyball player!


Products and webmarketing manager

Edouard Scherer

Product manager and webmarketing operator

If you are looking for a product on our online shop, you will probably get in touch with Edouard. He is the one trying to make all your favorite products available and easy to find out. He is also in charge of the webmarketing at ProteoGenix (newsletters, websites management…). His previous experience with his own company based in Peru contributed to his mastery of online tools (and accessorily to his Spanish skills!). You will easily notice his ability to establish contacts and also to manage various tasks efficiently – as his insatiable curiosity and open-mindedness confers him an important learning ability.


Business Developer Spain Portugal
Business Developer Spain Portugal

Marcelo Viegas, PhD, MBA

Business Developer

If you have any service request in Iberia or Italia, you will get the chance to deal with Marcelo. This PhD molecular biologist brings over 13 years of experience in the biotech sector, and always keeps updated to the new findings and developments in the field. Marcelo was still a bachelor student when he first met Dr. Cesar Milstein, Nobel Prize in Medicine for the development of the hybridoma technique for monoclonal antibody production. This striking meeting with an Argentinian compatriot of him, was the revelation that motivated Marcelo to dedicate his career to immunology. Certainly you will feel his passion through your discussions with him, during which he will concentrate all his efforts to bring you to complete satisfaction.