As our concern is always to identify the most appropriate expression conditions of a protein to meet our customers’ expectations, we strive to offer a wide range of systems, strains, and vectors.

Even though B. subtilis is commonly used for its ability to express proteins without endotoxins, it is also an interesting alternative to E. coli in some cases where it can be used to increase the yield or purity.


Standard Bacillus subtilis Protein Expression package:

  • Project study
  • Bacteria strains transformation
  • Expression evaluation under different conditions (strain, temperature, time, inductor concentration…)
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • Purification tests
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • 1L expression and purification scale up
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • Final detailed report
  • Purified protein
  • 4 - 6 weeks

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