Cancer diagnosis and screening


Today, there is a huge and urgent need for efficient cancer screening solutions that are easy to use, rapid and available at low cost. Indeed, such solutions would enable the establishment of mass screenings, and thus the detection of cancer much earlier and more specifically than before. This would consequently reduce cancer morbidity and decrease the cost of patient care.

Unfortunately, there are only a few tools available up too now, and none of them allows for the early detection necessary to treat patients in a time manner. ProteoGenix targets its research to reverse this trend. Our research platform based on the one-hybrid system allows us to discover new diagnostic markers through targeted screenings. Starting from well identified genes known to play an important role in carcinogenesis, we focus on sequences that regulate the expression of these genes.

From that point, the ProteoGenix research team elaborate strategies to screen cDNA libraries to find more specific and earlier markers for the diagnosis of one or several types of cancer. At present, priority is given to the most prevalent cancers, such as prostate, breast, lung, and colon. Our portfolio is composed of six targets at various stages of development. We are looking for partners for the later development stages, and the production and marketing of our kits. We also have a strong need for various patients’ sera, to better characterize the targets at every step of their development.