Recombinant Human SUV39H1, N-His

Reference: YHA67901
Product nameRecombinant Human SUV39H1, N-His
Uniprot IDO43463
Origin speciesHomo sapiens (Human)
Expression systemProcaryotic expression
Protein delivered with Tag?N-Terminal His Tag
Buffer0.01M PBS, pH 7.4.
Delivery conditionDry Ice
Storage condition4°C for short term (1 week), -20°C or -80°C for long term (avoid freezing/thawing cycles; addition of 20-40% glycerol improves cryoprotection)
Host speciesEscherichia coli (E.coli)
Aliases /SynonymsPosition-effect variegation 3-9 homolog, SUV39H, H3-K9-HMTase 1, SUV39H1, Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SUV39H1, Su(var)3-9 homolog 1, Lysine N-methyltransferase 1A, Histone H3-K9 methyltransferase 1, Suppressor of variegation 3-9 homolog 1, KMT1A
NoteFor research use only


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