+ Polyclonal versus monoclonal antibodies
Comparison between monoclonal and polyclonal properties for custom antibodies synthesis
Monoclonal antibodies Polyclonal antibodies
Specificity A hybridoma will produce one single antibody type, detecting one single epitope present on the immunogen.Avoids cross-reactivity issues with other target proteins after a good clone is selected.

Possibility to select a clone that will be the most efficient in the given application, such as protein function inhibition, flow cytometry, sandwich ELISA …

Unpurified serum:Pool of antibodies, including non-antigen-specific antibodies, will bind different epitopes of the antigen.

Can generate background and cross-reactions with other proteins.

Affinity purified serum:Sample purity = 99.99%

Antibodies present in the serum are specific for the antigen targeting all accessible and immunogenic epitopes of the immunogen.

Low background and potential cross-reactions with other proteins.

Sensitivity Sometimes less sensitive because of the high specificity for only one epitope.
A good selection of the most sensitive monoclonal antibodies can allow strongly binding ones to be found.
Sometimes more sensitive due to the wide variety of different antibodies represented in the serum.
Delay It usually takes around 2 more months to get purified antibodies. Usually a good alternative to get antibodies faster and cheaper for first tests.
Cost 3 to 4 times more expensive than the cost of polyclonal antibodies. 3 to 4 times less expensive than the cost of monoclonal antibodies.
Reproducibility Antibodies always identicalMany lots of identical antibodies can be produced over dozens of years.

It is possible to sequence the hybridoma to make recombinant antibodies.


Antibodies different for each batch.Require repeated immunizations with other animals.
Quantities Almost unlimited quantities.Production possible over many years, as long as clones are viable. Maximum of a few mg / animal.
Available species Rat, mouse Rat, mouse, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig, sheep, and goat.
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As an experienced antibody manufacturer, ProteoGenix has successfully raised more than 1500 polyclonal antibodies during the past 13 years.

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  1. Antigen from customer
    2 rabbits
    1 purification



    PACK 1
  2. Anti-Peptide
    2 rabbits
    1 purification



    PACK 2
  3. Anti-Protein
    2 rabbits
    1 purification



    PACK 3
  4. Antigen from customer
    2 rabbits
    No purification



    PACK 1XS
  5. Anti-2 Peptides
    2 rabbits
    1 purification



    PACK 2.2
  6. Phospho-Specific
    2 rabbits



    PACK 4
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    your own