Interested in implementing the use of VHH single domain antibodies in your diagnostic applications? At ProteoGenix, we have developed an optimized platform of antibody phage display for diagnostic applications. Target cryptic epitopes and enhance antibody tissue diffusion by choosing our services with unique guarantees.

VHH Antibody production form

    ProteoGenix offers VHH single domain antibody production. Our service includes:


    The construction of an immune library using our alpacas/llamas or the use of our naive library

    Bio-panning of naive or immune libraries via phage display technology

    Large scale production of VHH single domain antibody

    Library construction and phage display screening

    What is a VHH single domain antibody?


    Conventionally we use IgG antibodies from mice, rat, rabbit etc. They have a size of 150kDa and are composed of 2 heavy and 2 light chains.

    A group of researcher found that all members of the Camelidae family possess a special subclass IgG devoid of light chains; these antibodies consist of two heavy chains attached to variable domains (VHH).
    Due to this, camelidae antibodies are much smaller, about 95kDa. The VHH alone, which is 15kDa, is also known as single domain antibody.
    It is considered as the smallest naturally derived antigen-binding fragment, which is important for the development of several antibody drugs or diagnostic tools.

    Conventional antibody VS Camelidae antibody : Camelidae antibody doesn't have light chain and have on its heavy chain VHH single domain antibody
    Conventional antibody VS Camelidae antibody

    Advantages using VHH single domain antibody


      The smaller size of VHH single domain antibodies gives them the ability to fit into “hidden” epitopes that are usually not accessible to conventional antibodies, including active site of many enzymes


      VHH single domain antibodies are highly stable and resistant to acid solution and high temperatures, they are able to fold back into a functional protein after denaturation


      VHH single domain antibodies are highly soluble due to their increased hydrophilic function

    The main advantage of VHH single domain antibodies is that they have outstanding binding properties and can be expressed at at consistently high quality without batch-to-batch variation.
    Due to their high affinity and binding specificities, these types of antibodies are robust tools for a lot of bioassays and applications.

    VHH single domain antibody production steps


    Featured VHH single domain antibody applications


    There are a lot of applications, described in scientific publications, that use VHH single domain antibodies. This is due to their smaller size which leads to better tissue penetration. You can find detailed information for:

    • therapeutic applications,
    • crystallography applications,
    • biotechnological applications,
    • diagnostics applications etc.

    We believe that VHH single domain antibodies are a good choice for a lot of applications and assays.

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