Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His

Reference: YHD31701
Product nameRecombinant Human KRT4, N-His
Uniprot IDP19013
Origin speciesHomo sapiens (Human)
Expression systemProcaryotic expression
Protein delivered with Tag?N-Terminal His Tag
Buffer0.01M PBS, pH 7.4.
Delivery conditionDry Ice
Storage condition4°C for short term (1 week), -20°C or -80°C for long term (avoid freezing/thawing cycles; addition of 20-40% glycerol improves cryoprotection)
Host speciesEscherichia coli (E.coli)
Aliases /SynonymsCYK4, Keratin-4, Type-II keratin Kb4, Cytokeratin-4, KRT4, K4, Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 4, CK-4
NoteFor research use only

Description of Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His


Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His is a protein that has been genetically engineered for use in scientific research and drug development. This protein is a member of the keratin family, which are structural proteins that play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and strength of epithelial tissues. In this article, we will explore the structure, activity, and potential applications of Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His as a drug target.

Structure of Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His

Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His is a 52 kDa protein that is composed of 484 amino acids. It is a type II intermediate filament protein, meaning that it forms a strong and stable network within cells. The primary structure of this protein contains a central alpha-helical rod domain, which is flanked by non-helical head and tail domains. These domains are responsible for the assembly of keratin filaments, which provide structural support and mechanical strength to cells.

Activity of this protein

The main function of Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His is to provide structural support to epithelial cells, which are found in tissues such as skin, hair, and nails. This protein is specifically expressed in the stratified squamous epithelia, which are found in the outer layer of skin and the lining of the oral cavity, esophagus, and vagina. It is also present in the epithelial cells of the cornea and the conjunctiva.

In addition to its structural role, Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His has been found to play a role in cell signaling and regulation. Studies have shown that this protein interacts with other cellular proteins, such as integrins, to regulate cell adhesion and migration. It has also been linked to the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation.

Application as a Drug Target

Due to its crucial role in maintaining the integrity and function of epithelial tissues, Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His has been identified as a potential drug target for various diseases and conditions. One of the most promising applications of this protein is in the treatment of skin disorders, such as epidermolysis bullosa and psoriasis. These conditions are characterized by defects in keratin filaments, and targeting Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His could potentially improve the structural integrity of the affected tissues.

In addition, Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His has also been studied as a potential target for cancer therapy. It has been found to be overexpressed in certain types of cancer, such as oral squamous cell carcinoma and cervical cancer. Targeting this protein could potentially inhibit cancer cell growth and promote cell death.

Furthermore, Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His has been investigated for its potential use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Due to its role in cell adhesion and migration, this protein could potentially be used to enhance the healing process of wounds and promote tissue regeneration.


Recombinant Human KRT4, N-His is a structurally and functionally important protein that plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and function of epithelial tissues. Its potential as a drug target for various diseases and conditions, including skin disorders and cancer, makes it a promising candidate for further research and development. As our understanding of this protein continues to grow, it may hold the key to new and innovative treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.


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